The high performance trailer worm pump FHS, driven by a Deutz engine

The powerful FHS is the ideal worm pump to apply self-levelling floor screed,  but works also with mortar and concrete.
Whether feeding with wet mixes directly from truck mixers or mobile mixing vehicles, the worm pump FHS guarantees highest performance with simple operation.
The hydraulic drive provides the operator a comfortable output setting and an ease of maintenance.


The FHS is a powerful worm pump with diesel engine for working independent from any electric supply.

It will handle all wet mixes up to 12mm grain size, provided by a truck mixer, mobile mixing vehicles or mixed by continuous mixers fixed under a dry mortar silo.

The FHS is perfect for pumping all kind of:
  • self-levelling screed
  • mortar
  • fine concrete
Typical applications are the processing of:
  • cement based self-levelling floor screed
  • anhydride based self-levelling floor screed
  • concreting works
  • filling works
  • shotcreting
  • etc.

FHS 200/3



The FHS is a hydraulic driven worm pump powered by a Deutz diesel engine.

The hydraulic system allows an infinitely speed regulation for the worm pump to set the output as required.

The hydraulic driven rotor/stator combination will pump the wet mixes through the connected hoses for the required distance.

Start/stop as well as the output is controlled by the operator at the control panel of the FHS or with the included radio remote control.

FHS 200/3


The FHS, produced by Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH, is powered by a 32.8kW Deutz 3-cylinder diesel engine to have an energy reserve for almost all kind of conditions and available rotors and stators.

The hydraulic drive allows variable output adjustments. The drive is reversible, easy to maintain, long-lasting and wear resistant.

Compared to piston pumps are worm pumps smooth, simple to operate and cleaned in minutes.

All controls are easy to watch and to reach for the operator. For safety reason is a protective grid with 15mm mesh on top of the wet mortar hopper.

Ball or ring hitch at your choice.

Optional available are: an electric vibrator, a level sensor in the hopper to protect the worm pump from dry-running, mortar hoses in different length and diameter, a signal device, etc.

Please contact us for more information.

FHS 200/3

Technical Data

FHS 200/3

Output up to 18m³/h
Worm pump 2L8
Grain size
up to 12mm
Pumping pressure 25bar
Pumping distance up to 180m**
Pumping height up to 90m**
Engine Deutz 3-cylinder Diesel
Power 32.8kW
Hopper volume 250l
Filling height
Outlet V50
Chassis 1200kg T-chassis with brakes
Dimensions LxWxH 4200x1300x1280mm
Part no. 500063

Standard equipment: radio remote contol with exchange storage battery,
outlet with pressure gauge,
standard tools,

* The output rate is theoretical and depends the used worm pump type. The delivery rate may be higher or lower.
** Pumping distance and height is based on experience and depends on the pumping media.

Brochure FHS for download >>



Set for pumping up to 12mm grain size:

consisting of:
- 3x mortar hose ID50, 13.3m
- 3x hose holder
- 4x sponge ball ID50mm

P/N 600422


Set for pumping up to 12mm grain size

Set for shotcreting works *:

consisting of:
- 3x mortar hose ID50mm, 13.3m
- 2x air hose 3/4", 20m, claw couplings
- 1x shotcrete spray gun, V50
- 3x air hose 1/2", 13.3m **
- 4x sponge ball ID50mm

* site compressor with >2.5m³/min required
** hose to dosing pump for liquid accelerator supply
P/N 600426

Set for shotcreting works

These sets are just samples out of our program.
For more accessories and tools please have a look under accessories or in our catalogue.
Please contact us for detailed information.