The tough continuous mixer G20 for mixing of dry mortar

The general purpose continuous mixer G20 is equipped with a powerful belt drive.
Available for 230V or 400V, plus one special version with a combustion engine to be independent from any electric supply network.
A small but highly productive continuous mixer for all kind of preblended dry mortars in bags.
The G20 is easy to transport, to set up, to operate and to clean.


The G20 is an electric driven continuous mixer.

This automatic mixing unit is working with any common bagged dry mortar, with additonal conveying systems it can even process dry mortars out of silos.

All materials up to 4mm grain size will be continuously mixed with water for manually use or to feed a mortar pump for professional and efficient processing.

We recommend this continuous mixer for processing of:

  • lime-cement mortar
  • cement mortar
  • filler
  • skim coat
  • levelling compound
  • reinforcement mortar
  • bonding mortar
  • finish and decoration plaster
  • masonry mortar
  • fire proofing mortar
  • etc.
The tough continuous mixer G20 for mixing of dry mortar


Just connect the G20 with a water hose and with an electric supply.
Open dry mortar bags to fill the hopper and press the start button.

A powerful belt drive activates the dosing shaft inside the dry material hopper with a positive locked mixing shaft inside the mixing tube.

The dosing shaft provides a constant flow of dry mortar into the mixing tube and an adjustable water metering device adds water and allows to set up the consistency of the wet mix.

The paddles of the rotating mixing shaft prepare a homogeneous mortar until you stop the whole process by pushing the stop button.
The tough continuous mixer G20 for mixing of dry mortar


The G20 is available with a 230V drive or for heavy materials with a 400V drive.

Even a version with build-in combustion engine for working independent from any electric supply is available.

It is a small but powerful unit, attractive by its simplicity. Snap closings provide access to clean the mixing shaft or mixing tube and to dismantle the parts for easy transport.

A comprehensive range of accessories are available to equip the G20.
For instance electric cables in different length, water hoses, couplings, a water booster pump, water filters, etc.

Please contact us for details.
The tough continuous mixer G20 for mixing of dry mortar

Technical Data

G20-230V G20-400V G20-Benzin (with gasoline engine)

Power supply 1~230V/50Hz 3~400V/50Hz -
Output 20l/min 20l/min 20l/min
Electric motor 2.2kW 5.5kW -
Engine - - Honda, 3.9kW
Hopper volume approx. 80l approx. 80l approx. 80l
Water connection Geka 1/2“ Geka 1/2“ Geka 1/2“
Water input pressure >2.5bar >2.5bar >2.5bar
Weight 90kg 105kg 125kg
Dimensions LxWxH 1500x700x1000mm 1500x700x1000mm 1500x700x1000mm
Part no. 500014 500015 500016

Standard equipment: documentation
documentation documentation
Brochure G20 for download >>



Set for water connection:

consisting of:
- 1x Water hose 1/2" 10m
- 1x Geka coupling external thread 1/2"
- 1x Geka coupling external thread 3/4"
- 1x Geka coupling external thread 1"
- 1x Geka coupling internal thread 1/2"
- 1x Geka coupling internal thread 3/4"
- 1x Geka coupling internal thread 1"
- 6x Geka dirt strainer
P/N 600005

Set for water connection

These sets are just samples out of our program.
For more accessories and tools please have a look under accessories or in our catalogue.
Please contact us for detailed informations.