The Mixokret M500, the big and powerful electric conveyor

The pneumatic conveyor Mixokret M500 with its powerful 18.5kW electric drive is the professional and economic solution for mixing and conveying of screed, mortar, concrete,  gravel and sand.
For conveying is a separate site compressor with >4m³/min air volume necessary.
The Mixokret M500 with its 650 liter vessel is characterized by simple operation, easy handling and low maintenance.


The Mixokret M500 is an electric driven pneumatic conveyor with a big 650 liter pressure vessel.

It is the most economic solution when already a huge site compressor is available. Minimum requested air volume from the site compressor is 4m³ a minute.

The Mixokret M500 works great with all semi-dry and lean wet mixes, as well as dry materials which can‘t be pumped with worm or piston pumps.

For this reason the M500 is also called „sand pump“.

The M500 will handle the materials, such as:
  • sand
  • mortar
  • fine concrete
  • masonry mortar
  • cement based floor screed
  • anhydrite based floor screed
  • gravel
  • roof covering
  • soil
  • etc.

all up to 16mm, with some small modifications and the use of big-sized conveying hoses and discharge stand even up to 32mm grain size.
M500 E


The pressure vessel is filled manually with a shovel and bucket.

Mixing paddles inside the vessel will prepare a high-quality wet mixture if required.

The connected site compressor, which is not included in the scope of delivery, will provide air to convey the material from the closed pressure vessel through the hoses to the discharge stand at the end of the conveying line.

The better the performance of the separate site compressor, the faster and longer distance can be conveyed.

M500 E


The Mixokret M500, manufactured by Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH, comes with a pressure vessel of 650 liter.

Due to this huge volume is a higher output possible. A powerful 18.5kW gear motor drives the mixing shaft for quick and homogeneous mixes.

A robust and proven technology, with an electric drive and without built-in compressor.

Optional available:
various conveying hoses with internal diameter of 50, 65 and 90mm and in different length, matching pressure outlets, miscellaneous couplings and discharge stands, an automatic central lubrication system, etc.

Please contact us for more details and information.

M500 E

Technical Data


Power supply 3~400V/50Hz, CEE 63 socket,35Amp fuse
Output* up to 6m³/h*
Conveying distance* 270m
Conveying height* 190m
Drive 18.5kW
Vessel capacity 650l
Compressor** >4m³/min, 8ar
Filling height 1140mm
Grain size up to 16mm
Outlet KKV70
Chassis without brakes, to be driven on job site, not approved for road use
Dimensions LxWxH 3680x1400x1430mm
Part no. 500057

Standard equipment: discharge stand

* Output and conveying distance  depends on the air volume provided by the site compressor. Mentioned rates are close values for a site compressor with ~4m³/min air performance.
** The site compressor is not included in the scope of delivery.

Brochure M500 for download >>



Set for conveying up to 8mm grain size:

consisting of:
- 1x reduction KKM70-V50
- 5x mortar hose ID50mm, 40bar, V50/M50,10m
- 5x hose holder
- 5x sponge ball ID50mm
P/N 600228

Set for conveying up to 8mm - sturdy

Set for conveying up to 16mm grain size:

consisting of:
- 5x conveying hose ID65mm, KK70,10m
- 5x hose holder
- 5x sponge ball ID65mm
P/N 600230

Set for conveying up to 16mm

Set for conveying of concrete up to 32mm grain size:

consisting of:
- 1x special outlet with KKV108 coupling
- 5x conveying hose ID90mm, 10bar, 10m, KK108
- 1x concrete discharge stand, KKM108 coupling
- 5x sponge ball ID90mm
P/N 600283

Set for conveying of concrete

These sets are just samples out of our program.
For more accessories and tools please have a look under accessories or in our catalogue.
Please contact us for detailed informations.