Pneumatic Conveyor M760

The Mixokret M760 is our most powerful screed conveyor with 5m³ air performance


The trailer Mixokret M740 with its 3-cylinder Diesel engine is the most successful screed conveyor in Europe.

With an Atlas-Copco compressor driven by a Deutz engine the M740 provides 4.7m³/min air volume to convey floor screed, sand and fine concrete easily and fast for longest distances.
It is available as a standard mixing and conveying unit, with skip, or with skip and scraper.

  • The Mixokret M760 is the most powerful Diesel driven screed conveyor in our program. 

    Due to the power and performance it is the ideal pneumatic conveyor for long distance conveying and especially for high-rise buildings.

    It works great with all semi-dry and lean wet mixes, as well as dry materials which can‘t be pumped with worm or piston pumps, such as: 

    • cement based floor screed
    • anhydrite based floor screed
    • fine concrete
    • sand
    • gravel
    • roof covering
    • soil
    • etc.

    all up to 16mm, with some small modifications even up to 25mm grain size.

  • There are three versions of the Mixokret M760 available:

    The standard version M760DH, where the pressure vessel is filled manually with a shovel and the skip version M760DHB to prepare the material during the vessel is closed for operation, which saves load time to increases the output rate. 

    In the end there is the comfortable skip plus scraper version M760 DHBS to get the maximum output with a modicum of effort. 

    Mixing paddles inside the vessel will prepare a high-quality wet mixture if required and the build-in compressor will provide air to convey the material through the connected hoses for the required distance.

  •   M760 DH
    M760 DHB
    M760 DHBS
    Output up to 4m³/h up to 4.8m³/h up to 5m³/h
    Air volume 5m³/min 5m³/min 5m³/min
    Conveying pressure 8bar 8bar 8bar
    Conveying distance up to 200m up to 200m up to 200m
    Conveying height up to 50 floors up to 50 floors up to 50 floors
    Engine Deutz D 2011 L04 Deutz D 2011 L04 Deutz D 2011 L04
    Power 46kW 46kW 48kW
    Compressor Atlas Copco Atlas Copco Atlas Copco
    Vessel capacity 260l 260l 260l
    Filling height 820mm 600mm 600mm
    Grain size <16mm <16mm <16mm
    Outlet KKV70 KKV70 KKV70
    Weight  1600kg 1820kg 1900kg
    Skip loader height - 2480mm 2830m with scraper
    Dimensions LxWxH 4820x1500x1600mm 4820x1500x1600mm 4820x1500x1600mm
    Part no. 500047 500048 500049
    Standard equipment: discharge stand,
    standard tools,
    skip, standard tools,
    discharge stand,
    skip, scraper, discharge
    stand, standard tools,
  • 600228 Set for conveying up to 8mm grain size 600228
    600227 reduction KKM70-V50
    600062 mortar hose ID50mm, 40bar, V50/M50,10m
    hose holder
    600180 hose holder
    600175 sponge ball ID50mm
    600230 Set for conveying up to 16mm grain size
    600226 conveying hose ID65mm, KK70,10m
    hose holder
    600180 hose holder
    600004 sponge ball ID65mm
    600283 Set for conveying of concrete up to 25mm grain size
    600412 special outlet with KKV108 coupling
    600280 conveying hose ID90mm, 10bar, 10m, KK108
    concrete discharge stand, KKM108 coupling
    600281 concrete discharge stand, KKM108 coupling
    600282 sponge ball ID90mm

    These sets are just samples out of our program.
    For more accessories and tools please have a look under accessories or in our catalogue.
    Please contact us for detailed informations.


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