Worm Pump P12

The small mixing and pumping worm pump for batchwise mortar processing


The small mortar mixer and pump is ideal for preblended dry mortars and even site mixes.

It mixes and pumps out of a hopper, just the right machine for building conservationists, stucco plasterers, refurbishing companies and painters. 
With an additonal small air compessor it is even ready for spraying works.
The compact P12 handles all kind of pumpable mortars, slurries or paste-like materials.

  • The P12 is a special batchwise working mixing and pumping unit.

    It is designed for

    • grouting
    • injecting
    • drill hole filling
    • fixing of anchors
    • etc.

    in the mining or tunneling construction.

    Besides this it is the perfect solution for applying

    • grout
    • fire protection mortar

    to fill openings in walls, cavities between concrete slabs and gaps between door frames
    in the civil engineering domain.

    With additional equipment it can be used for

    • spraying primer
    • finish and decoration mortar
    • coatings
    • filler
    • sealing mortar
    • repair and reinforcement mortar

    just to mention a small range of possible applications. 

    Due to the batchwise mixing and pumping function the P12 works with all pumpable dry mortars, wet mixes or paste-like mortars and even site mixes for grouting works.

  • By simply selecting the drives rotating direction at the control box the P12 works as a mixer or a pump. 

    A free-running device between the drive shaft and the worm pump let the shaft working as a mixer in case of clockwise rotation. 

    When choosing the opposite rotating direction the shaft is connected rigidly with the worm pump‘s stator and the mixed material inside the hopper will be pumped. 

    The P12 allows to choose between two speeds for mixing and pumping to select the right output according your needs.

    The cable remote control gives the operator the control for the unit even from distant working locations.

    A comprehensive range of rotors and stators will provide pressure, distance and output to adjust the speed according the required output for the application or the working conditions. 

  •   P12  
    Power supply 3~400V/50Hz  
    Output 6l/min and 12l/min  
    Grain size up to 4mm  
    Pumping pressure up to 25bar  
    Pumping distance up to 30m  
    Pumping height up to 15m  
    Pump drive 1.4kW and 1.8kW  
    Pump speed 94rpm and 188rpm  
    Outlet M35  
    Weight 125kg  
    Filling height 939mm  
    Hopper volume 50l  
    Dimensions LxWxH 714x696x1437mm  
    Part no. 500092  
    Standard equipment: outlet with pressure gauge
    cable remote control


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